Thursday, 31 March 2011

Evaluation Task 3

Audience Feedback-

Above is a screenshot of a comment someone has made on my video. The reason i didn't pace the editing with the track was because i wanted it to feel more abstract and "handmade".

Here is some more audiece feedback after i posted the video on the social networking site, Twitter. @jasminejang's point is fair, the repetition in my video is a bit tedious. Because of my lack of footage this is the case, as i had to repeat one or two shots, however i cut them up to make it look different. I don't think this is a huge issue and i wont be changing my video as this would involve me re-shooting which would take too long.

Evaluation Task 2

Voice over script-
When filming my music video and making the Cd cover and magazine advert i kept in mind the basic "look" i was going for, a simple straightforward concept, with the hands being the main feature in all of these. The "brand identity" is plain to see, as in all my products i have used the same lighting and hand characters, it is easy to see they go together. I have also used the same font in all of these, found on "", called Prophecy Script, which looks handwitten, keeping in the theme of "hands".

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Evaluation Task 1

Above, on the left are screen grabs of my music video, on the right are screen grabs from "Slow Disco" by IZABO. Both of these videos use hands are the characters, i have chosen shots that are similar, to show that my music video has followed conventions of this type of music video. The compositions of both of the music videos are similar, using the middle of the screen for the majority of the shots, but also using the whole scene to show the story. The "Slow Disco" music video uses bright colours and follows a storyline, whereas mine is very muted and is more abstract in nature.

The last frame shows the differences in the music videos, in mine there are no probs or backgrounds. I the IZABO video there are props that the hand characters use and wear as costumes, the only thing like this in mine is a glove and the rings one of the characters wear.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Hands spelling out "Our Smallest Adventures", the name of the song.