Thursday, 4 November 2010

Hadouken! M.A.D

This video is by Hadouken!, an English Band that formed during the New Rave movement in 2006. The video is dark and humerus, as the characters are dressed in comedic animal costumes, I like the effect this video has, as the film looks quite grainy, giving a more 'street' quality to the filming.
The intoxicated mouse represents young people today, drinking and sitting around on the streets. The video starts with a shot of the protagonist's feet, adding a sense of mystery to the character and emphasising the strides of his walk. Predominantly the video is shot at a mid-shot, in front of the mouse character as he walks through different areas of a city. Throughout the video the mouse violates different people, this is a stereotype of teenagers these days. The video uses cuts to move between scenes.
The costume is unusual but I think it is very effective, the mouse is wearing white sneakers and a gold chain around his neck, astereotypical look for "chavs". Because of the scene with a fake ID it is obvious the mouse is under 18, therefore the character represents young male teenagers. This video is showing, bluntly how teenagers can act, but there is no message about stopping this behaviour, the only resolution is that another character, a cat beats the mouse up. This is a humerous nod towards the game "cat and mouse".

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